Party At My Place in the top 10!! 

Party at my place has made the top 10 requested songs on Boston Rock Radio!! Thank you for requesting our song everybody!!

Radio 92.9 has us on their website! 

One of our favorite radio stations from here in Massachusetts gave us our own page on their website! Go check it out by clicking the picture!

Party At My Place 

Hey everybody we just released our second single "Party At My Place". Check it out!!!!

Boston Rock Radio 

A big shout out to Boston Rock Radio for being the first online radio station to have our song "Heart on My Sleeve" in its rotation. Go to their page and request us!!

Heart on My Sleeve 

We released our first song today. You can hear it in our music player and you can find it on a bunch of your favorite apps and sites. Check our music page for a list of sites we are working with. Play it in your cars, on your phones and on your ipods. Show your family and friends! We hope you enjoy Heart on My Sleeve!! 

Hey Everyone!! 

Welcome to our website! We are "Holland Road" New England's newest original rock band. Here you will find everything there is to know about us and what's going on! Feel free to find us, like us, and follow us on all our social media pages and sign up for our mailing list to stay updated with all the Holland Road news. 

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Sign up for our mailing list!!

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